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System Name: Discipline management system (DMS)
We used: PHP, MariaDb, BOOTSTRAP and JAVA SCRIPT Description: DISCIPLINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a web based system developed by IREZON Ltd. After analyzing the problems in High School, we decided to develop this system just for: Better recording the discipline information on student including his/her daily permission and punishments. DMS software was developed for the following purpose: 1. To replace manual system. Discipline Card 2. To records information needed on student related on getting Permission or being Punished 3. To let all discipline staff knows the daily and lifetime records on students’ behavior. 4. To let School Manager keep on track while getting on time news on every student’s behavior and knows all discipline staff’s events in DMS. Launch: Having an account on online running system Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2019-05-21 13:44:30 Buy This!!
System Name: Get job online easily
We used: PHP,HTML, BOOTSTRAP and Mysqli Description: This web based system can be used by the people who want to find job easily and the company,to search for workers. This system was created for decreasing the number of jobless and to solve the problem of time lost in way of searching jobs. Launch: Hosting Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2019-04-20 23:26:00 Buy This!!
System Name: Find my identification card system
We used: Html, Php and Js framework Description: This web based system can be used by the people who want to find their lost identification card easily. This web based application is for identification cards only which lost and received rules to use system: find 'finded button' if you want to see if your identification card is available or post new identification card. 2.See the list of identification cards through click finded button to find your identification card. 3.if you find your identification card on the list, go down on the footer of the page and fill the required form to get how you can get your identification card Content: 1.home page 2.admin panel page 3.user page Launch: Online system Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2019-04-20 23:22:06 Buy This!!
System Name: TVET Trimestrial progressive reports
We used: Microsoft Excel Description: TVET Trimestrial progressive report is an excel designed system which is being used in students report making. It has been designed and used since 2017 by some schools under WDA. It was designed under IREZON Ltd and sold to Governonemt, G_Aided and Private school till now. This system is approved by TVET schools in Rwanda which use it in report making for students, Parents and students since 2017 and till now. Launch: This system works 100% and is made of Excel only. It is composed of 73 sheets including : SCHOOL INFO, LEVEL INFO, STUDENT NAMES&MARKS and REPORTS for every student. It is user friendly where everyone who knows a bit on EXCEL can use it. Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2019-03-31 17:20:48 Buy This!!
System Name: Drone Quadcopter
We used: ESC, Brushless Motor, Battery, Arduicopter (Accelerometer), Tx, Rx and needed Camera lens (0.3 MP Up to 120 MP). Description: We have Quadcopter Drones in stock for sale where everyone can order his/her Drone for video/Photos capturing and Mapping. If you need one of them or more, Please order our product. Launch: Our Quadcopter Drones use Tx (Radio Frequency Transmitter Command. Developed by: IREZON Ltd Last Update: 2019-03-20 21:46:25 Buy This!!

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